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Monthly Archives: februari 2009

Installed the Last.FM player on my Android yesterday and I suddenly knew that I had just taken a leap into the future.

The days of myPod‘s and other digital music players are reaching their end. I realise that while writing this, millions of people sit in front of their computers pushing music into their little gadgets before heading out in the street or whatever, and you know what…

<blink>THEY’RE DOING IT WRONG!</blink>

What they should do is to get themselves an Android or iPhone, install the Last.FM app, just head outside and click the ”xxxx’s Library” station and enjoy song after song they probably just want to hear right now, for free! The whole world of music instantly available from that Internet enabled device in their pocket.

<blink>THIS IS THE FUTURE! IT’S HERE!</blink>

It’s has also revolutionized my use of Last.FM. As I’m using it on the go I’m not really doing anything other than listening to music so it brings me closer to the music in a whole new way.

If I hear a song it’s really easy to just pick up the phone from my pocket and press the ❤ button, maybe skip to the next song if the current one doesn’t fit my mood, or if the song reminds me of someone, the share button is just a click away, both share to email from the android contacts list, or to my friends at Last.FM.

I haven’t been this excited about a piece of software since I first started using Xbox Media Center, this IS the best thing since sliced bread (or XBMC in this case).