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Monthly Archives: december 2008

It was some time between Christmas and New Years last year I carried my Technics SL-1200MK2 home in my arms. Now a year later I can say that it’s hands down one of my best investments ever, I mean.. just look at it..

The first 6 months it wasn’t used more than perhaps once a week, but when moving to my new apartment it was the easiest source of music for a long time due to the caos of getting things to their proper place. When finally getting the apartment into order the habit was already there. I’ve listened to almost no digital source of music for the past 6 months when being at home, and my collection is close to filling my first box. When spending most of my awake time in front of a computer it feels very relaxing to kick back in the sofa to a really great analog music experience.

Here’s the list of my current albums, with albums I’ve listened to the most marked as bold:

  • Metallica
    • Ride the Lightning
    • …and Justice for All
    • Kill ‘em All
    • Master of Puppets
  • The Beatles
    • Abbey Read
    • White Album
    • Sgt Pepper
    • Magical Mystery Tour
  • Peps Persson
    • Rotrock
    • Persson sjonger Persson
  • Bob Marley
    • Kaya
    • Uprising
  • Jimi Hendrix
    • Band of Gypsys
    • Electric Ladyland
  • Jim Morrison
    • An American Prayer
  • The Doors
    • The Soft Parade
    • Absolutely Live
    • Waiting for the Sun
    • LA Woman
  • Glen Miller
    • Story
    • A Memorial 1944-1969
  • U2
    • Under the Joshua Tree
  • Nirvana
    • Nevermind
  • Mikael Wiehe
    • Kråksånger
  • The Human League
    • Reproduction
  • Plasticman
    • Sheet One
    • Closer
    • Musik
  • Black Sabbath
    • Black Sabbath
    • Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
    • Paranoid
  • Pink Floyd
    • The Wall
    • Dark Side of the Moon
    • Atom Heart Mother
    • Wish You Were Here
    • A Saucerful of Secrets
    • Animals
  • Front 242
    • Tyrrany For You
  • Kraftwerk
    • Autobahn
    • The Man Machine
    • Radio-Activity
  • Bo Hansson
    • Ur Trollkarlens Hatt
    • Sagan om Ringen
    • El-ahrairah
    • Mellanväsen
  • The Stooges
    • No Fun

If you’re thinking about getting a vinyl player but haven’t made the final decision yet, then doit! You will not regret it.


Two weeks ago it happened again. The annual synth music festival in Malmö, electricXmas. The evening started with some boozing up at the office with a crowd of 10 persons or so, lots of nice music and chattering before we hit the club. This years lineup was pretty nice: Biomekkanik, Autodafeh, Agonize, Interlace and Welle:Erdball. I wasn’t really interested in anything other than Interlace and Welle:Erdball, but these two artists had each really great sets.

Also.. Welle:Erdball also threw out their instrument of choice into my drunk arms:


Unfortunatly it doesn’t seem to work properly after that crazy night, or I’ve failed to tune in the TV correctly (although I can easily find my other C64 on this TV). Next up is probably to switch over my other C64 into this new and signed chassi and get it to actually play some Welle:Erdball sids. Pretty nice to have a dedicated Welle:Erdball-computer 🙂

Right, and I at least requested vinyl versions of all of Interlace’s albums, the answer was that it was interesting, and that it might happen. Enough for me to keep on hoping.

I just ordered a 1541 Ultimate so in a not too far future there will be Welle:Erdball playing on the real shit!