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Got a new laptop at work yesterday, the long awaited ThinkPad X200.

Hands down best laptop ever. Everyone should throw away their old crappy laptops and get this one, or the X200s. I’ve started writing a page over at ThinkWiki on how to install Debian on it.



  1. I’d buy one if they weren’t so damned expensive. Even the used not-so-old ones (circa T60 — the later models have crappy nvidious graphics chips) go for more than I can afford!

  2. The guy in the library next to me on campus had one of these. *ENVY* I’ve got an MSI wind. I looked it up online after seeing it, wondering if I could get one. Waaaay out of my price range, but they are fantastic! I’m totally laptop-jealous now 🙂

  3. It’s awesome, thanks a lot more high tech.

  4. Ok i like it


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