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Been looking for a new bag for the past months due to my old one having a non-padded laptop compartment, and was above all starting to get pretty worn out after the 7-8 years it had served me. I went to the common stores downtown, I went to Apple store, I browsed the net, I asked people what bags they had, and finally I got a tip from Per at work of a San Francisco based company by the name Timbuk2. I knew I wanted a vertical messenger bag this time, and that limited my choice to more or less two models, Blogger or Hacker. After having read a review at Laughing Squid I decided to go with the Hacker model.

Timbuk2 Hacker


By now it’s filled up with my accessories and I’ve been using it for the first day. I must say I’m very satisfied, definatly should have bought it months back. The laptop compartment is well padded (woho!) and it’s roomy enough for my needs, and of course it looks good too! Without doubt the best bag I’ve ever had, and I haven’t even tried out the backpack mode for real yet, more love ahead I suspect.



  1. I’ve been looking for a bag also. Just bought a street/messenger bike and looking for something vertical. Banjo Brothers makes a sweet one but I like the look of the Timbuk 2 also. Decisions, decisions….

  2. Assuming you live in Sweden, did you buy it here or from the US?

  3. I ordered it from the US.. too bad I didn’t wait 6-8 months so that the dollar could have reached rock bottom 😉 … added to that was some tax, plus I had to pay it in _CASH_ at the door when it arrived iirc.


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