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Monthly Archives: maj 2007

Today was the last day I booted Windows on my laptop after work. And this is the story:

  • Open up the box
  • Solder the sweet spots
  • Start Mechassault
  • Load save game and wait for Linux to boot
  • Launch cmd.exe
  • Start ftp.exe
  • cd /mnt/C and put M8_LBA48_IGR_C-06.bin
  • Fire up telnet and issue raincoat -p /mnt/C/M8_LBA48_IGR_C-06.bin
  • Reboot
  • Realize that a modern OS like Windows XP ships crap shit software that uploads default in ASCII instead of binary.
  • Recomend a modchip to my friend while throwing random adult-only words at Microsoft.
  • Rant on irc
  • Write a blog entry