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Every morning, the same events occur. I stumble out the door, some 60’s rock or heavy ebm keeping my heart pounding yet another time, feeling more and more in control of my body as the caffeine kicks in, some basic instinct points my compass to work.This part I like, but then, 5 minutes later when I reach the train station things start falling apart. Suddenly there is an army of dropouts attacking me from every angle, completly surrounded, each and every one with their own arsenal, determined to score by forcing a paper into one of my hands, preferably both.
In the beginning I politely turned them down, but as the days went, and they kept attacking me I started to feel a dark and frightening anger climbing my back. The days of blindly ignoring the vultures swooshed past, and I decided it was time to act.

”Why don’t you just leave your papers on the ground like you used to? Stop ruining my morning!”

Needless to say, my pathetic attempt didn’t solve anything, 10 more meters and another dummy tries his luck. I breathe, in and out, silently trying to sooth myself, hearing some internal voice saying,

”They’re just dropouts humping the cashtrain in hope of staying afloat yet another month, it’s not their fault, they too are victims of some evil corporate cash cropper pulling the strings.”

I get on the train, open a book, travel to another reality, trying to ignore the fact that the same events will be repeated as I get off the train 20 minutes later.



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