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Monthly Archives: september 2006

Irrepressible.info is a project to protect the freedom of expression on the net. You add a script tag somewhere on your web page and a random censored quote is shown. This is not possible on wordpress.com as <script> is deemed a security risk. To get around this I created a small php-hack that renders what would have been shown by the script to an image.

The result of the code can be seen on the right side here on the blog. You can find the source code here.


Found this vegetable on the net by accident a year ago or so and been meaning to buy one ever since. As of today I am a satisfied owner of a Broccoli Romanesco and here are my first explorations of this crazy lump of organic matter:

After a while I realised that it wouldn’t last forever, no matter how much I wanted it, so I probably had to eat it in a near future. If anyone has good recipes containing this vegetable, please let me know. My first ride on the google spaceship brought me here.