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Monthly Archives: juni 2006

Today started way too early. Aparently the gamma male assigned to replace the bathroom window thought it was a good idea to drop in unannounced at 7.30 am. I’d got at least 6 hours of sleep so after a cup of coffee the day started.

Twenty minutes of work the builder decided he couldn’t finish the work at place so he brought the window with him. An hour later he came back and put the window in place, followed by loud complaints about the bad shape the previous builders had left the windows in.

Yey! After 2 months of transparent windows next to the toilet it was finally back to normal, or so I thought. When I opened the window I noticed that he hadn’t actually fixed the glass to the window frame, but left it kind of hanging there, and closing it again proved impossible without a huge amount of violence.

Redialed the number and a while later two other gamma males came by to clean up the mess of the first one. They stayed the whole afternoon fixing both the window and some other stuff that had been waiting to get fixed for quite some time. When leaving they concluded that they had to come back the next day to finish things up. So out they went, leaving all the garbage where it had landed. Some primal instinct tells me they will not show up tomorrow.

Update: It’s been about 2.5 weeks now and they still haven’t come back. They also tore a 1.5m branch off my hops plant, that was the longest branch by the time, bastards!


Yesterday a large search engine was shutdown here in Sweden. The shutdown was unexpected because the website provided no illegal material, only links (in form of BitTorrent files) to both free and copyrighted material, which is legal here in Sweden. Behind the scenes are the MPAA and the US government, who convinced the Swedish government to bend our laws to fit Hollywoods likings. The police confiscated the entire server hall, which affected a large number of companies unrelated to the search engine. The whole bust is very strange and is bound to fuel some flamy debates.

It’s probably just a matter of time before they force upon us (un)intelligent design teachings in school, and of course prohibit abortion.

But there are some brighter areas in the otherwise cold, dark reality. I finished off a GObject this afternoon that hooks up the ALSA sequencer to the Glib mainloop and fires signals when I poke my Hercules DJ Console. I’ve played a bit with a small test program that allows me to control two instances of xmms2d. Yey for play/pause syncing two playbacks of the same track! 😉

Task left are:

  • find out what is the best way to find cue points
  • cache waveform preview
  • bpm analysis